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Especially now it is important to cut expenses as much as possible. If taxes on companies are projected to rise in the coming year, most businesses will be unable to keep most of their office staff. By outsourcing your bookkeeping to PC Bookkeeper Inc., you get experienced, professional agents with over 20 years in the industry at reasonable costs. The savings of having an in-house staff or bookkeeper are significant as you will not have to deal with: Additional payroll taxes Workers Compensation insurance Health insurance Sick pay/leave of absences Employee expenses Training time and costs Cash handling/deposits by employees Employees calling in sick/quitting unexpectedly/family problems Since we do not write checks, handle your cash, deposits or purchases, there is an added layer of protection that results as you are the only one involved with those activities.  Only the record keeping is handled in our office. Additional benefits to outsourcing your bookkeeping include: Freeing up your time to actually work your business General overhead is reduced Improving efficiency Cost savings on manpower and training More timely financial information Reliable financial information Improved cash flow Why have monthly bookkeeping service when I can just take all my records at the end of the year to an accountant when they do my tax return? If you were the coach of a football team and you were not allowed to see the score or the statistics until the end of the game how could you determine how to direct your team? In your business it is not any different. You need to know the monthly financial statistics of your company to know how to direct your growth, your employees and gain more clients. Keeping your records on a consistent basis results in better cash management and control. You stand to gain much more staying on top of your finances. Most businesses that fail don’t go out of business because they are paying too much in taxes, but will fail if they have they have no management over their cash and have poor record keeping. What are other benefits of outsourcing to PC Bookkeeper Inc.? Saving you time. You’ll have more time to do what you want to do when PC Bookkeeper Inc. takes care of the chores of record keeping for your business. You will obtain greater clarity and control in understanding where your money is going, and where you stand financially with your monthly financial reports.  A must have when you desire additional credit with vendors or a line of credit to purchase assets. What can I expect to pay for your services? You monthly charges are based on your company’s monthly transaction volumes. This is the reason we need to view your last 4 months of bank statements to determine an average of the number of transactions (to be discussed during the consultation )  Any additional services you may need can be added at reduced prices for a flat monthly fee. You don’t have to wonder what it’s going to cost from month to month. Of course as your business grows adjustments to your volume price may increase, but will still be way lower than what you would pay at most accounting firms. How do I pay PC Bookkeeper Inc. for my services? After the initial telephone consultation, an agreement will be emailed/faxed to you detailing the services you have chosen with pricing. A deposit of 1 month of service will be paid at the signing and faxing of your agreement for the work to be done the upcoming month. Payment for our services will be secured by a monthly ACH your financial institution or credit card subscription via PayPal that we will help you set up.  Each billing thereafter will be the 1st of each month for work to be done the upcoming month and will continue on the 1st of each month thereafter until further notice from either you or PC Bookkeeper Inc.  Cancellation of the agreement must be in writing 30 days before the 1st of any month. Any NSF of payments will be charged a $35.00 service charge along with the payment due.  If we are unable to obtain payment from your account within 3 days of the 1st of each month due to NSF, a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed for the 2nd day of NSF and $5.00 each day there after that is NSF until payment is obtained. How do I send my information to you? We have secure email and a fax service encrypted with the same coding used by banking and other financial institutions. We also use DropBox. A free storage service where we can send our clients documents to be picked up later or clients may send documents to us. A link for the customer portal will be provided when you become a client. Another service we use is Shoeboxed where you may upload .pdf files of your scanned receipts, documents, etc and downloaded statements for storage and cloud access. What if I don’t have a computer, fax machine or email, can I mail my info to you? In order to keep prices affordable we do not receive client records or paper documents in the mail as they would have to be stored temporarily and returned to the client. We feel that the client needs to have them handy for reference and most documents are required by law to be kept on their work premises or office. Copies that are emailed or faxed to us are archived for reference and when reports are sent to the client, a PDF file of the information sent to us is also sent to the client for reference to print out or keep on their computer. No computer or fax machine? Do you have a ‘smart phone’? There are free apps on Google play- for Android phones and Apple Itunes for iPhones. These apps can scan your receipts, etc., using your smart phone camera and then emailed to us or yourself. A fantastic mobile scanning app from Shoeboxed for phone can be found at these links - Android, iPhone or iPad. Don’t want to use an app? You can possibly use your phone camera to take a picture of the document, saving it as a jpeg and then send it to us in email. What if I have a computer and want the records on my computer to view? Another service we can provide is a remote connection to your PC from our site to transfer files or reports. If you already have an accounting system in place and want us to provide our services on your computer this can be arranged using our remote access. We use GoToMyPC to remotely access our client’s computers. A small program is loaded on your PC, password encrypted and you determine what type of and how much access you allow on your computer for your bookkeeping agent. We have a link to GoToMyPC for a free trial so you can see the benefits and try it out for 30 days at no charge. Not only will it provide access for PC Bookkeeper Inc. to update your records, you can also access it from anywhere in the world from your own IPhone, Android phone, IPad, computer, laptop or public computer. Comes in handy when you have to go out of town and need to input any customer info or expenses. If you decide to keep it, they charge a low fee of $12.00 per month for basic service. What are the advantages of using your remote service? Operating your business takes a lot of time and dedication, focusing on what you do best to make your cash flow. Like most owners you’ve already got a lot on your plate, so adding accounting to your list of responsibilities can be overwhelming. Using our remote service can free up your time to focus on your business activities and we can work around your schedule. I have a computer but don’t have my accounting set up yet, what software do you recommend? We recommend QuickBooks, used by more small to medium sized businesses than any other accounting software. Very flexible, easy to learn, use and customize. We can assist you in setup and training or better yet, we can do all the work so you can focus on building your business. How are my records backed up and saved? If you have your own computer and system in place you and you are using our remote service, you can use your current back-up system. Just be sure to make regularly scheduled back-ups as usual. If you do not currently have a system in place, we can direct you to a cloud back-up service starting as low as $6.00 per month depending on how many computers and the amount of data you need to protect. See links at our Biz Links page. This will be your service and we back up all your records to it and you may access it at any time as needed.
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