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    PC Bookkeeper Inc. was founded in 2008 by our owner Naomi Rowell.  After managing other businesses, Naomi decided to use the experience and knowledge she gained to specialize in helping small businesses have access to affordable and expert bookkeeping services. CPA firms, real estate, restaurant, construction, roofing trade, locksmith trade, musicians, recording studios, import/export, churches, non-profit organizations, architecture, carpet technicians and realty trust are industries that have employed Naomi for her bookkeeping services over the past 25 years. Most Bookkeeping services provide an adequate amount of services and products for their customers. Many times they offer services that are not handled in-house and that can cost you more money as they have to outsource the work to other companies and then pass that cost on to you.   We provide bookkeeping and business set-up services in a virtual environment utilizing the internet, email, scanning devices and faxing software. The primary accounting software we use is QuickBooks as it is the popular choice of 98% of our clientele. QuickBooks is designed ideally for the small to mid-sized business owner and provides complete accounting functions that interface well with almost all types of professions. At PC Bookkeeper Inc., we are a hands on company. Our customers are very important to us and the services we provide are all in-house. You will have an agent that you can personally communicate with and handle all your bookkeeping needs. Any services we do not provide that you indicate you may need can be provided by other companies we know to have a good reputation.  You may deal with them direct for added savings to you.  As we do not provide IRS Income Tax Service, we can recommend good Tax Accountants that can provide you that service in our business network. Client Testimonials - Read what our customers are saying about us (click on logo to see entire letter) “I have known Naomi for over twenty years.  She has done work for several of my clients. Her integrity and  knowledge are wonderful assets.  I would highly recommend her to any company. Shirley Johnson, Enrolled Agent President Wood & Associates Accounting, Inc. “Naomi has worked as a consultant to S&S Roofing Systems for over 8 years. With her expertise in QuickBooks application and general accounting knowledge, her assistance has proven immeasurable to our company’s record keeping. . . ” Linda Geric Office Administrator S&S Roofing Systems, Inc. “I have personally known Naomi Rowell for over 25 years. During this time, Naomi has assisted me in various capacities with two separate businesses that I have owned.  This has included bookkeeping, business setup, and office management. . . “ Peter Cerone President Access Investigative Services, Inc. It is my pleasure to recommend Naomi Rowell of PC Bookkeeper Inc. to businesses needing a bookkeeper with attention to detail, organization and reliability.  As an entrepreneur and owner of different businesses, Ms. Rowell was able to provide excellent accounting services for each one. . . “ Michael O’Shaughnessy President Real Estate Brokers                                                                                                 “Naomi had a direct positive impact on my business with her high integrity, business knowledge and professionalism.  She is very detail oriented and is precise in her work.  Her work is accurate and I feel that her alertness and overall awareness is an attribute to her years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping. . .” Bob Ross President Ross Builders Inc.
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